Mold Testing

A mold inspection can be preventative or needed as a result of a problem, such as a water leak, visual mold findings, or health concerns



A proper mold inspection starts with a careful checkup, where the investigator will look for signs of past or current water damage, that’s key for mold growth. The investigator will check for moisture around attics, plumbing fixtures, basement, crawl space and just about anywhere he thinks mold growth might be present.

There are times when small plumbing leaks can go unnoticed, resulting in wall cavities and moisture might not be apparent. In such scenarios, an investigator might use tools like infrared camera or moisture meter to detect moisture. Once the investigator identifies the problem, depending on what it is, the suggestions could vary from surface or bulk samples or air testing for confirming or eliminating mold presence. It’s really important to identify the source of moisture, to prevent any mold growth in the future.

  • That’s why you should hire qualified professionals and experts for inspecting your property.

  • We have custom solutions for our clients and come up with a plan considering the type of testing required, and our client’s needs.

  • Our package includes lab fees for samples along with a full report that will also include the investigator’s recommendations and suggestions.

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The preferred method for evaluating likely exposure to micro toxins and airborne molds indoors is collecting and identifying fungal propagules. There are many sampling methods that are used to determine fungal concentrations in an environment.

Air sampling is the preferred and most common method that’s used to assess fungal levels indoors. Most studies prove the relationship between health problems and how airborne fungal spores can cause asthmatic respiratory and allergic symptoms. Health problems do to fungal exposure are usually respiratory, air sampling is the most accurate way to determine how high the exposure is.






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