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Mold inspections - New York

Mold inspections

Houses and buildings that have been around for a long time can become invested with mold. This can be dangerous, which is why we support mold inspections. However, they may be many questions to be asked, so let's answer them for you.

How are Mold Inspections Done?

If you expect mold to be infiltrating your house, hiring a trained professional would work best. A professional will come in and inspect the entire property, and identify what are called “red flag areas.” These areas generally have higher moister content, water intrusion, even up to visible mold. This can take up to 2 hours to complete for a house that is 2000 sq feet.

            They will take multiple air samples to see if there are elevated mold levels in the air. They will send air and surface samples to an accredited laboratory to test the samples, then give out a detailed report if necessary. Other ways they can take samples is by using a swab, or even a clear piece of tape to collect the mold.

                They test the mold samples to see what type of mold it is, and see potential health hazards connected to it. Knowing the species of mold is important when combating it, as different species act different ways.

Dangers of Mold

While many people may not show any symptoms, many more suffer from a mold sensitivity. Several have full-blown mold allergies. Symptoms of this can include stuffy noses, sore throat, eye irritation, and and breathing problems. This can be an even bigger problem with people who have severe lung issues, as well as a compromised immune system.

            It is believed that up to 33% of adult asthma is attributed to exposure to mold in the workplace. This is even higher in damp buildings, where the risk jumps from 30% to 50%. Chronic exposure to high enough level of mold can negatively impact your quality of life. Much of the time you may have breathing and other difficulties, so it is best to remove mold as soon as you detect it.

The Prevalence of Mold in New York

Mold in buildings and home is very common, especially in New York. This is mainly due to the wet environment that many in New York live in. Since New York is near the ocean, that makes it more common. While there does not seem to be specific numbers related to mold prevalence, we can assume that the number of buildings that suffer from mold exposure is large.

                That said, with mold being such a serious problem, even small amounts of mold can become an issue if left untreated. This is why it is important to hire a professional to inspect your house, and remove the mold before it spreads too far.


Mold in the home or workplace can linked to symptoms from mild to strong allergic reactions as well as asthma and other breathing disorders.

Eoin Finnegan