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The Prevalence of Asbestos in New York

Is Asbestos Prevalent in New York?

Due to the lack of a complete ban on Asbestos in the US, and the lack of an effort to eliminate dangerous asbestos products installed in homes and schools across the US, the prevalence of asbestos is still high. The exposure of this mineral to citizens of New York puts many citizens at high risk, as 23 Asbestos deposits and mines still exist in the state.

87% of New York buildings with asbestos present had the substance disturbed in some way.

            There are many places where people in New York might have been exposed to Asbestos fibers. According to statistics, in the 15 years from 1999 to 2015, about 2,300 people have died from complications with mesothelioma, which is caused by inhaling Asbestos.

            New York harbors a diverse job market, many of the jobs cause employees to risk exposure to Mesothelioma and bring home the fibers when attached to their clothing. These jobs include Mining, Shipbuilding, construction, and working in power plants.

            According to an article in the New York Times, 68% of all the buildings in the state of New York had some form of Asbestos in them. Of those, 87% of the buildings with asbestos had the substance disturbed in some way, causing them to be of at least some current risk. The risk should be lower since the writing of the NYT article due to the decline in the use of Asbestos.

            However, since it can take up to 30 years for the effects of asbestos exposure to show itself in the form of lung cancer, diagnoses of mesothelioma is statistically on the rise. The common age of diagnosis is in the older population over 70 years of age.

                With piping, insulation, and other materials still present and prominent in New York, the risk still remains. However, companies that negligently expose their workers to the substance are getting sued, one by one. Only a large scale removal operation will significantly lower the risk of New Yorkers doing any kind of construction or shipbuilding in the state.

When should an asbestos inspection be carried out?

Any time there is any work being carried out on materials which may contain Asbestos. It is not just for your safety; it's the law.

Who can carry out an asbestos inspection?

Testing for the presence of Asbestos can only be carried out by approved, licensed Asbestos inspectors. These inspectors can then submit the completed ACP5 form to comply with NY regulations.